Sea Splash

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The Sea is a source of refresh, reinvigorate and new strength and energy. Imagine the Splash of that, we all will love to be inbounded with such abundance. At ElegantWix, We tried to incorporate the Sea Splash comparison into our everyday lives the different lives and the different fragrances we have proves that.

Sea Splash have nine different fragrances and all will leave your home welcoming and smelling divine, sweet and mossy vanilla. Our fragrances ( smell are made to last).Ready to be gifted and comes with lids to cover when not in use.


Coconut&Milk&rose, Fireside, Jasmine&Sambac&Mango, Magnolia, Mandarine&Sandalwood, Marshmallow, Sandalwood&Vanilla, Sea Salt&Coastal Driftwood, Ylang Ylang

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