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Eco-Friendly & Natural Ingredients

Petroleum Free

Our products are Petroleum free, and don't contribute dangerous gasses to the environment, Soy wax is all natural. Our products are 100% soy wax.

Cruelty Free

A product that was created from top to bottom without harming/ killing of animals.

Phthalate Free

Our products are made from natural, plant base.

100% Vegan

They don't contain animal by-products like fat / milk 100% plant based.

Customer said All That Kind Words


“ The scent is refreshing and sweet, but not too overwhelming, and it reminds me of strolling on the beaches of Hawaii, i.e. heaven. I also love the cute, millennial-pink color...”

Rebeca Villalobos

If you like a cinnamon scent with a hint of apple thrown in, then you'll love this candle. I light this candle and leave it lit all day. It last a long time. Seller provided fast shipping.

L. Androws

I love this candle so much! I always buy one at the start of the holiday season. The scent reminds me of when I was a little girl in Oregon on Christmas Day.

Amalia Nicole

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